Central Marin Police Authority


The Town of Corte Madera, Town of San Anselmo, and City of Larkspur, through two selected members from each council, form the Central Marin Police Authority Council. Each category of membership has an alternate member.


Overall management of the Central Marin Police Authority is the function of the Management Committee comprised of the City and Town managers. Operation of the Central Marin Police Authority is assigned to the Chief of Police.


  • Larry Chu
    Larkspur City Council
  • Carla Condon
    Corte Madera Town Council
  • Ann Morrison
    Larkspur City Council
  • Bob Ravasio
    Corte Madera Town Council

Management Committee

  • David Bracken
    Corte Madera Town Manager
  • Dan Schwarz
    Larkspur City Manager
  • Debbie Stutsman
    San Anselmo City Manager

Board Meetings


  • Number of personnel:
    • 33 full-time
    • 11 part-time
  • Todd Cusimano
    Chief of Police
    Phone: 415-927-5150
  • Thomas Bertrand
    Legal Council
    Phone: 415-353-0999
  • Dana Unruh
    Authority Clerk

About the Agency

  • Land Area
    8 square miles
  • Population
    Approximately 28,000
  • Areas Served:
    • City of Larkspur
    • Town of Corte Mader
    • Services
  • Services Provided
    All law enforcement services